Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Privacy Matters

Respecting the privacy of our users is one of the driving forces in the design of Trexy. If our users don't feel confident their privacy is protected they won't blaze search trails and share them with others. So for us, protecting your privacy is paramount.

From a legal point of view we comply with the data protection legislation as set out in the UK Data Protection Act 1998 - check out our Privacy Policy.

From a technical point of view we go to great lengths to maximise your privacy. When you blaze a trail the only information we keep is:
  • an anonymous userid
  • the country flag of the browser (determined by IP address)
  • the links visited (only http - not https)
  • the engine where the trail began
For extra security and privacy we make sure:
  • trails are only ever blazed through our database of valid search engines. The contents of all other forms (e.g., email, login boxes, comment forms) are never accessed.
  • trails are never blazed on encrypted pages (i.e., https)
  • we never view cookies from third party sites
  • we never access files on your machine
  • we never access your browser's cache
At all times we let you know what's happening. The green light on the TrailBar shows when a Trail is being saved.

You have full control over the trails you create. At any time you can:
  • delete your trails (search on MyTrails and click delete)
  • turn trailblazing off (go to Preferences and select Trailblazing Off)
  • turn trail sharing off (go to Preferences and select Sharing Off)
  • uninstall the TrailBar
If in the end, you're just not comfortable with trailblazing, that's fine too - you can search other peoples' anonymous trails by searching "All Trails" only. If you're still not comfortable - don't use Trexy - no one's forcing you. ;-)

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Nigel Hamilton said...

You can turn trailblazing off temporarily by placing a leading space in your query when using the TrailButton. For example:

" don't remember this query"

See the leading space?