Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A bit glitzy

A reporter from 'The Wharf' - the newspaper for London's Canary Wharf business district - just called. He wants to write an article about Turbo10 and life after winning a London Chamber Business Award.

We were fortunate to win the 'Best Use of eCommerce and Website' award for Turbo10 at the last Docklands awards ceremony in 2003.

To enter the awards, we needed to submit a business overview and then the top 4 entrants were shortlisted to give a presentation before a panel of 6 judges.

The winners were announced at an Oscar style, black-tie dinner. It was a great buzz to hear Turbo10 named the winner in our category.

Nige went to collect it and a big spotlight shone on him as he made his way through the tables to get on stage to collect the trophy. The best bit was the glam music played in the background - 'I've got the Power' by Snap. So kitsch but so right.

Anyway hopefully an article will be in the next edition of 'The Wharf ' this coming Thursday.

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