Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where a Trail Ends ...

A trail begins when you blaze a new trail by searching on one of the search engines in our database - you'll need a TrailBar too.

That's how trails start. But how do they end? For the BETA version of Trexy:
"A trail is the unbroken sequence of links you click on after entering a search query."
But what breaks the sequence of links?
  • entering a new search on a same or different engine breaks the trail and starts a new trail
  • submitting a form stops a trail. To protect your privacy we only ever access forms listed in our search engine database.
  • clicking on an encrypted page (i.e., https) stops a trail - trails aren't saved on secure pages
  • clicking on your favourites breaks the trail
  • clicking on the home page button breaks the trail
  • typing in a new URL also breaks a trail
  • closing your browser stops a trail too
So while you're trailblazing if you notice the green light in the TrailBar change to off you know why.

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