Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dynamic result pages: Find, Learn, Do

Research shows there are three types of search: navigational, informational and transactional. That's why Trexy result pages are divided into three sections: Find (navigational), Learn (informational), and Do (transactional) for a given keyword.

The order of these sections now changes depending on the search keyword. For example the Do section appears first on the "Buy Car" result page - as this is clearly a transactional search. Currently the "Buy Car" results page enables user's to quickly search AutoTrader to buy a car.

Other queries are navigational in nature. "Facebook", for example, is currently one of the top 10 searches that users enter to Find the social networking site

In the last month I've focussed on the Learn (informational) section. It is clear from listening to our users that the natural way to solve informational search is through question and answers. As  a result I've changed the learn section so you can quickly add your question to a keyword page. Here are the latest questions - can you help answer them?

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