Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time for Action in Search

Transactions are the third type of search which are yet to be developed and explored by search engines.

Sometimes when you search you are looking for a way to do something: buy a present, book a flight, send a tweet, sell something, resolve a bug you're working on, send an email etc, search a topic-specific search engine etc.

Wouldn't it be good if your search engine provided a quick way to perform actions?

There is no reason why some search keywords should not become search commands.

That's why the "Do" section of Trexy's result pages are for taking actions related to search keywords / commands.

In the past month I've added over 1,700+ actions to Trexy. They are mostly actions to search other engines like Google, Wikipedia and many more.

This means you can quickly search Google - by starting your search with the search command "google". For example, searching Trexy for "google cars" shows all the Google action buttons related to "cars".

Search actions work by automatically submitting details to web forms. Does your website have a form where a user can perform actions? Why not add the action to Trexy?

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