Friday, November 10, 2006

The Sins of Search: Sloth

Let's face it we're all a bit lazy sometimes and we expect a lot from a search engine.

Faced with a search box we typically type in 2.5 words and with just this small amount of information the search engine is off ploughing through billions of documents. It's amazing that anything useful comes back at all. The result page appears, and a high proportion of users aren't even prepared to scroll down - trying another search seems easier. A lot of users aren't even bothered to go to page two!

Recently social bookmarking sites like have popped up. But for the majority of users bookmarking and tagging a page sounds like too much work! It can also be really tricky to correctly tag a page. Ask two librarians which category a book belongs to and watch the sparks fly! Tagging a page properly takes time - which is something most of us don't have.

Trexy is designed with laziness in mind. It automatically tags a page for you with the search terms you used to start your trail. When you think about it your own search terms make the best tags. It's these same terms that you or somone else is likely to use when searching for the same thing.

So we're all a bit lazy - but that's human nature - and Trexy is designed with human nature in mind.

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