Thursday, November 09, 2006

Heads Up for Innovative Search

Nigel is invited to speak at the upcoming Online Information conference in London. The Enterprise Search Solutions Seminar will inform online information and research professionals about how new social search tools impact and assist our community.

Nigel's talk includes how the Fathers of the Web, scientist Dr. Vannevar Bush (As We May Think), Ted Nelson (hypertext) and Tim Berners-Lee (interlinking data and WWW) have influenced the current trends of information retrieval and search.

Nigel will also discuss current search engine applications and technical developments that lead to how we currently view, retrieve, and remember information online and the possibilities for the future.

Trexy's innovative search technology has made Nigel a popular speaker at key industry conferences such as Linux World, Internet World and Ad:Tech.

Following Nigel's talk on Wednesday, 29 November, we will be off to the International Information Industry Awards 2006 ceremony where Trexy is shortlisted in the Best Specialist Search Product category.

Fingers crossed!

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