Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trexy behind the firewall?

Lots of people have asked us if Trexy works behind the firewall?

At one conference a group of librarians from Boeing were lamenting about the political, technical and organisational problems of integrating information across different sections of their organisation.

For example, the description of how to replace "Wing Nut 334FVGA" on the Apache helicopter might be buried in various searchable manuals. A Boeing technician may need to search multiple intranet databases to retrieve this information. When the technician retires, the knowledge of how to replace "Wing Nut 334FVGA" goes with him. Next time there is a problem with "Wing Nut 334FVGA" it would be good if the new technician could follow these previous trails rather than doing the same searches over again.

Trexy could help organisations, like Boeing, by recording trails across their internal intranet search databases. At the moment we are actively looking to partner with large intranet search companies to license the Trexy technology.

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