Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Sins of Search: Lust

Over the next couple of blog entries I'm going to uncover some of the sins of search: lust, vanity and sloth.

Trexy is a human-powered search engine. The data in our system is generated by real people which means Trexy tunes in to what people are *really* searching for and the reality is a significant proportion of searches are 'lustful'.

For example, one day we saw a succession of searches for: "hairy toes" -> "hairy toes midget" -> "hairy toes midget sex". Scary!

We thought momentarily about filtering this type of trail but then realised that we would be putting ourselves up as the arbiters of good taste. Provided it is not illegal, we will not censor the content of a trail. It is up to the individual trailblazer to decide whether or not they want to share these trails anonymously. Remember you can always delete a trail or turn trailblazing "on" or "off". The next version of the TrailBar will allow you to toggle between private and shared trails easily.

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