Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is Trexy "Spyware"?

The "spyware" label gets liberally applied nowdays, often incorrectly.
Spyware is software that does something secret or clandestine. It spies on you without your knowledge.
Trexy is totally upfront about what it does. It is one of our software principles that at all times we let you know what the TrailBar is doing. If you have concerns please read our privacy policy and my personal undertaking.
Trexy remembers your search trails and anonymously shares them with others. This is what Trexy does!
It doesn't do it behind your back secretly "spying" on you. We are totally upfront about its function and have gone to great lengths to design a system that balances the privacy concerns against the utility of a search engine that fulfills the trailblazing part of Vannevar Bush's Memex vision.

If you don't like what Trexy does - don't use it. But please don't call something "spyware" when it isn't!

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