Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Our Future is in The Stars

We're having an 'interesting' experience publishing the Firefox TrailBar via the Firefox Extensions Area.

We waited patiently for over two weeks for our extension to be reviewed so it could be cleared for publication. When it was finally published we instantly received a zero star rating :-(. A user named "daniel" made a fair comment about the TrailBar not being hideable - the fix was simple and is included in the latest release. But unfortunately his accompanying zero star rating has dragged us down ever since.

The next reviewer came along and gave us four out of five stars! Now, that's more like it. :-)

But then a Mozilla "editor" mysteriously came along and deleted the four star rating, while leaving the negative review untouched. So now we're back down to a rating of one star. :-(

I'm not really into astrology but our current one star rating reads like a Horror-Scope.

On the positive side our star rating can only improve and we're determined to make a useful product that makes your life easier, and is tuned in to your searching needs - now that future is in the stars.

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