Thursday, February 23, 2006

5 Days To Go

The SES Conference is coming. Yesterday we sent out an invitation to the press to come and visit our booth and a number of journalists have already booked appointments to see us. Exciting!

On Wednesday night of the conference, we're holding the first "Trexy Pub Trail". Instead of holding our own launch party we're organising a mini pub crawl from the hotel to the party of a Big Search Engine. So we need to come up with a good trail from the hotel to the party. The weather will be cold so the trail won't be too long and won't involve long treks through the snow. It could even be as short as lobby bar one -> lobby bar two -> party. But it will be fun!

On Sunday night we're meeting an old friend who lives in New York to do pub reconnaissance.

If you're coming to the conference, visit booth 2510 and pick up your invitation to the "Trexy Pub Trail".

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