Monday, January 09, 2006

Fancy a Date?

We have just added a new function to the results pages on Trexy. You can now click on the date to see all the searches you did on a particular day.

You can also click on the date in an “All Trails” result to find what other anonymous trailblazers have looked for on a given day.

For example, I searched on "marketing merchandise" in All Trails.

By clicking on the date the trail was blazed, I can see that the Trailblazer had also searched for "point of sale display stands" and "display stands" which is relevant to what I was looking for.

We hope this new feature will help users find trails quicker and open the door to more information.

We are keen to protect our users' privacy. All Trailblazers are anonymous. We only display the date and country flag of the Trailblazer. For more info read Nige’s posting on privacy matters.

Stay tuned for the calendar feature in My Trails...

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