Monday, July 18, 2005

One Shot in the Locker -> New Cluster Please

Meg and I had a power debugging session over the weekend. We also decided to create a new cluster of servers purely for Trexy. This means we will decouple Trexy from the Turbo10 cluster. This has advantages and disadvantages. The major downside is I will need to maintain two clusters :-(. On the positive side a dedicated Trexy cluster means I can optimise the application and hardware to the specific load requirements of Trexy. It will run faster and feel smoother as a result. We want to put out the best product we can, so although this is a tough decision, if we're going to succeed it will be worth it - and we're not planning on failing. To quote an ex-Aussie Prime Minister, "we've got one shot in the locker" and we're firing it! So bring on the new cluster and lets get going! ;-)

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