Monday, July 18, 2005

Calling a Code Cutter

I'm not really a code-cutter (i.e., hard core programmer). I'm an entrepreneur first. But to make my business dreams a reality I've had to cut code, and lots of it. Turbo10 + Trexy is over 110,000 lines of code! My natural instincts are to think at a high level, invent things, and move on, but coding involves mind-boggling attention to detail. I can do it - but it hurts. If stifles my ability to step back and strategically direct the business.

For the past five years I've been mired in technical hell and I've faced down some monstrous technical dragons on the way. But it's time for me to start moving on. We've just advertised for another programmer to help me! :-) This programmer will have a fantastic opportunity! If you're a code-cutter at heart then working for us is code-cutting heaven.

As Meg says, "lets put out the good vibes" ... Calling all code-cutters ... who is up to the challenge?

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