Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Trexy powered by Open Source

In future blogs I'll be describing more about the technical innards of Trexy (and Turbo10). I owe a huge debt to the legion of open source software developers out there. Trexy and Turbo10 is built on a foundation of open source software: perl, mysql and linux.

I've planned for a long time to give something back, "what would my fellow programmer want?" So for the last five years I've been thinking about augmenting a programmer's mental powers - thinking about thinking. How can I make programming easier? faster? smarter?

Pardon the pun, but I started 'on the trail' to this programming nirvana two years ago and my own productivity keeps going up and up. Cognitive fit, association and augmentation is as important for programmers as it is for trailblazers.

I'm looking forward to freely releasing the source to this project later in the year!

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Nigel Hamilton said...

And here it is: The Goo.