Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bugs - V1

Nige and I whipped through our first bug report from the testers today.

Some of the bugs found by our testers include:
  • images not appearing on content pages.
  • some functional buttons not working such as the 'Find' button on our Engines list.
  • one of our testers tried entering a 100 word query which produced no results.
  • pop-up messages appearing when trying to blaze trails.

We are ignoring some of these bugs such as missing images because the final design of the content pages has yet to be published.

With the 100 word query problem, we decided that we will truncate a query and count only the first 70 characters which we feel is enough to find information that you or someone else has already found.

Also Nige had included a number of prompt messages to help debug, which caused several problems for our testers. We have now turned these prompts off.

We've just sent a version back and await their next installment!

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