Friday, March 18, 2005

Tick that Box.

Nige and I had a good bug run today. We worked on finalising the TrailBar for both Firefox and IE. We updated some of the buttons and swapped in some better graphics. I had done a small Trexy logo but it was appearing too dark. So we replaced it with a lighter version that matches the logo used on our site.

We also tested the Trail creation component as well. So far everything works well on Google, MSN, Teoma and Looksmart but we need to do some more testing to get it to work smoothly on Ask Jeeves and on some pages of Yahoo.

We have a simple procedure for handling bugs. I catch a bug, show it to Nige, he approves its bug status, we write it down and draw an empty box next to it. Nige tracks the bug down, exterminates it (hopefully it is an easy bug to kill!) and then, and only then, can we tick the box to signify its death...and then we can move on to the next bug.

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