Saturday, March 19, 2005

Introducing the Robots

Running a large-scale search engine with just two people would not be possible without a lot of help. Our philosophy is to automate everything we can - so whenever something needs doing, instead of doing it ourselves we program a robot to do it for us!

Each robot manages an important subsystem for either Turbo10, Trexy or both. Here are just some of the robots dutifully working behind the scenes:
  • Amy the Adapter Manager - manages and tests connections to Deep Net/Trexy search engines
  • Ray the Replication Checker - monitors database integrity on the cluster
  • Ernie the Exception Checker - alerts us if a bug happens
  • Bill the Bug Catcher - like Ernie but reports really serious bugs
  • Daisy the Daily Reporter - shows daily site stats, click stats etc.
  • Tim the Timer - monitors response time on the cluster - we want to be consistently quick and Tim helps us here
  • Penny the Partner Manager
  • Carla the Account Manager - handles new advertiser accounts
  • Barry the Blocker - helps detect fraudulent clicks to sponsored links
  • Chester the Checksum Checker - helps out Barry
  • Larry the Load Reporter - monitors load levels on the cluster
  • Betty the Back Up Manager - keeps regular backups
  • Kylie the Collections Manager - handles MyCollections for Turbo10
  • Fred the Flusher - flushes the logs before they get too big
  • Terry the Tester - runs the test suite and reports
And there's many more ... but I'll mention these later!

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