Monday, March 31, 2008

Beyond Discovery

Nigel will speak at The European Association of Information Services (EUSIDIC) conference in Bloomsbury this morning. The conference topic is, Beyond Discovery, and will address some of the possibilities for applications of information science in the 21st century.

Following his presentation in Denmark last year, Nigel has been invited back to share his latest thinking about ways to help manage information overload. He's also going to share some of our Trexy work practices including how The Goo helps to increase productivity.

Here is a quick synopsis of his talk:

Organisational Karma - Achieving Group "Flow"

Managing information overload while staying productive is a challenge on a personal and organisational level. "Flow" is a mental state of feeling productive and enjoying work while not becoming overloaded. How can information systems be designed so their users can achieve this illusive feeling of flow? This talk describes the preconditions for achieving flow and what functional elements are required. It looks at the causes of overload and describes a system that creates a personal and community memory which rewards its users with "karma" points to help them feel motivated.

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