Friday, February 08, 2008

Ding, Dong, the FAB gets a new bell!

That's right we've got a brand new bell. Not only is it new but
it's also bigger! Thanks to Rob, Russell and Matt, the FAB event
has a bell again. Having lost it last month, Nigel and I were really
happy to receive the present brought all the way back from their
recent ski holiday in France.

The bell was put to use straightaway for our speed networking
activity. In pairs, each person had one minute to share any business opportunities with the other person before the bell rang to move to a new person.

We hope everyone enjoyed the speed networking, as well as the fortune cookies and the walk through Chinatown under the canopy of red lanterns.

Congratulations to this month's lucky prize winners.

We'd like to thank Eleonora Nelson-Wiggins from BondMarvel Consulting and Roland Turner for sponsoring the February event.

Details for the next event in March can be found on the Flag and Bell website.

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