Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Search your Feelings Luke" ... "You know it to be true ..."

Feelings!!? What have they got to do with a search engine?

Well trails are really search memories and human memories are always made while you're feeling something. Your first kiss, that time you almost got run over by a car are no doubt strong memories!

"Go on search your feelings? You know it to be true."

Likewise with search trails how we feel may make a difference. When we start searching we are initially positive until we don't find what we're looking and then increasing pessimism sets in, until, hopefully, we find what we're looking for and our feelings swing upwards again - so feelings do play a part in searching.

We are currently investigating merging and pruning trails to arrive at optimal trails - and my feeling is that modelling feelings may help ... stay tuned for more details.

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