Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Version of Trexy

I'm conscious that it's often not the innovator but the imitator that finds success with new technology. The Microsoft mantra, "embrace and extend" sums up this strategy.

But we can't be too preoccupied with imitators - we're still too busy innovating. So much so I'm announcing that we are permanently in beta mode.

We are really looking forward to bringing out the next version of Trexy. Over the past year I've really synthesised exactly what Trexy needs to do.

Making the "Cycle of Search" as fast and smooth as possible is still our main aim. Many things have just fallen into place for the next version - meta trails, and trail intersections are the two most important.

We hope you like the next version! Over the coming weeks you will see lots of changes at

If you would like to try out special pre-release versions please email:

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