Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where did I find that?

Last night Nigel and I gave a talk at a CILIP meeting.

Here is the outline for the presentation:

"In 1945 Vannevar Bush wrote what has become a classic article on Memex, a system for organising the worlds knowledge through the development of data bases linked by human trail-blazers.

It became one of the inspirations behind the World-wide Web and modern search engines. The Hamiltons have gone a step further: they created technology allowing people to follow both their own search trails and those of others, without having to worry about how they answered those elusive questions.

Megan and Nigel will discuss the origins of their idea and reveal how to follow search trails. Nigel is the CEO, co-founder and technology expert of Turbo10 and

He previously worked as an intellectual property barrister and information systems lecturer. Megan is Marketing Director of Trexy. She is a qualified lawyer and marketing specialist."

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