Thursday, July 06, 2006

Searching for a Missing Trexy

Yesterday, I received an email from a distressed parent regarding her tale of her two year old's missing Trexy...

Greetings from the USA. I'd stumbled (near literally) upon you guys at the SE Conference in NYC back in March. Took home one of your goats which quickly became the favorite toy of my daughter... go figure, guess this next generation (she's two!) will be blazing search trails with Trexy? We have however hit a dilemma in our relationship with this goat.

You see... Trexy went missing last night. Thus, leaving me to ponder the question of how to locate this beloved and rather explorative goat. Since Trexy is known to blaze trails, how will we know where to look? I have contemplated the missing person ads... though I haven't a current picture of the goat, rather straggly by this date after being snuggled and slept with by a two year old. He is a beloved goat nonetheless.

His bachelor adventure (not sure if Trexy is male, though we seem to have marked him as so), into the night caused quite a stir! While he was frolicking somewhere... my daughter, who doesn't quite talk, was desperately searching our house while calling out something that in its garbled form sounded a lot like "Trexxxxxxxxy".

Bedtime was delayed and a full search of the premises was launched. All of us searched, calling for Trexy... wondering where he had blazed his next trail to. So on to a serious solution to these hazards of mascot ownership.... how can we get another goat? Or perhaps a backup supply in general? The trail blazer that he is, how are we to ensure he won't run off again... I will be pleased to post links to Trexy, rants and raves everywhere I have the power to and my daughter promises to be a good goat owner.'


Don't worry. Trexy is on his way in the post Kristen!

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