Monday, July 03, 2006

A LoveMark(R) for Perl

I had a great time at the recent Perl conference in Chicago.

Perl is my favourite computer language and there are thousands of lines of Perl code behind Trexy.

For a long time Perl's branding strategy has been confusing. This is a problem, not only in the mind of the consumer, but a law court will not uphold a confusing or deceptive trade mark.

In the absence of a clear branding strategy the Perl community adopted "The Camel" from the cover of a Perl book written by Perl's inventor, Larry Wall. The problem is, "The Camel" logo is owned by a book publisher, O'Reilly and Associates - not The Perl Foundation. Oops.

While I was at the conference I had meetings with Larry Wall and other Perl luminaries to see if something could be done about it. Fortunately they were quite receptive to the ideas in my proposal: "LoveMarks(R) for Perl".

Over the next six months I hope to see The Perl Foundation adopt my proposals.

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