Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's How You Throw It.

We had a great week exhibiting at the SES conference in New York last week.

It was the first time we've put our Cycle of Search board game to the test.

To win a soft goat, exhibition attendees needed to throw a hoop on one of the hooks on the steps in the Cycle of Search. So it is essentially quoits.

Standing over a meter away from the game, it was great to see all the different throwing styles.

Variations included:

  • The overarm slammer - powerful throw that quite often sent hoops flying
  • The gentle toss - timid throw that sometimes fell short of the game
  • The upsidedown shaker - dramatic inverted underarm throw
  • The reverse frisbee toss - emphasis placed on spinning.

We were glad that people could play it in their individual ways and win.

We designed the game so conference attendees could take the Cycle of Search for a spin and think about the psychology behind how we search for things in everyday life.

To play the game we asked people to give us their business card, given we gave out over 350 goats, you can imagine we have a bit of follow up to do.

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