Monday, December 19, 2005

"Hit" Me with a Clearer Result Display

A number of people have suggested making the results clearer. Our graphic designer, Marty, came to the rescue and sent us some excellent mock ups of how an improved results display could look.

So Meg and I went into pair programming mode and we made the changes in an afternoon. It's important for the result "hit" to not look like a normal search result. After all, Trexy is not showing traditional search results. A Trexy hit is a record of a real person traversing the web looking for what they want. That's why their country flag is displayed prominently in the top of the hit - a computer didn't make this trail - a real person did!

Here's an example of our new presentation:

But this isn't the end of the story, we will constantly tweak and change the interface so it "just works" and tunes in to your requirements. Any feedback you may have is much appreciated? The best place to give us feedback is in the forum.

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