Friday, October 14, 2005

Trexy Comes to Life

Trexy has been brought to life, thanks to a number of contributors.

Follow the trail of Trexy's development...

Phase 1: Nige and I look for inspiration in nature.

Phase 2: One of our designers, Martin Tomuscheit, and I, create the first version of Trexy.

Phase 3: Nige's friend from high school and professional illustrator,
Matthew Schofield, lends a hand.

Phase 4: UK illustrator, Adz, suggests Trexy could wear a backpack. After all, Trexy's an adventurous trailblazing goat.

Phase 5: Adz helps to inject personality into Trexy's face.

Phase 6: Adz adds the final touches and we experiment with different colours. We also decide to create a flag of flags to help symbolise that trailblazers from all over the world can contribute.

Phase 7: Final Logo

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