Thursday, May 05, 2005

What is the WebTrailBar?

The WebTrailBar is a temporary TrailBar that appears when you blaze a new trail and you haven't yet installed a full TrailBar.

It enables you to blaze trails on the Web without needing to install any extra software! For the BETA version you can blaze trails on six engines - Google, Lycos, MSN, Teoma, Wisenut and Yahoo.

We hope most users will find the WebTrailBar easy and intuitive to use. I hear you ask, "so why would I bother to download and install the Firefox/IE TrailBar?"

Installing your own TrailBar offers these advantages over the WebTrailBar:
  • trailblazing is faster
  • you can blaze trails on thousands of engines not just six
  • you don't have to come to Trexy to start a trail - just go directly to your favourite engine (e.g., Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.)
  • the TrailBar doesn't disappear when you finish a Trail

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