Sunday, May 15, 2005

New Office

One of our offices is on the move! That is, Meg's moving house. After many years at "Burrells Wharf" in London's Docklands, Meg and Marty felt like a change of scene.

They're moving to "Ivory Wharf" on Elephant Lane in London. This historic part of London is next to the Thames where ivory was once unloaded from merchant ships. The new office is a combined living and workspace in a converted warehouse. The workspace is much larger so we could possibly double the size of our current workforce! ;-)

Last night everyone helped out with the move. Meg and Marty's vision of "industrial chic" means lots of metal. We dived into the Ikea flat-packs. My Dad was the first flat-pack victim - a nasty screwdriver accident drew blood. Next to go was Marty, "Shiiizzzer!!!" My brother Andrew was handling his flat-pack like a veteran - I was sure I'd be next. But the Ikea gods must have decided enough blood had been spilt and I was spared.

Despite the injuries, the beer and jokes kept flowing and at the end of the night Meg and Marty's new home was taking shape and I think they'll be really happy there.

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