Wednesday, May 18, 2005

First Impressions from the Tester

First impressions count and we wanted to find out if the tester could easily understand what Trexy does. So we asked him what he thought Trexy does? Here is his synopsis:
"The primary feature of Trexy is blazing trails. This involves automatically maintaining a trail or record of whatever I have searched using any of my favourite search engines. The distinguishing feature of this functionality is that it not only records my trails but also keeps a track of the trails of other people, who have searched the same thing before me. In this way, Trexy provides an additional layer of search results that no single search engine can provide, by presenting the information that other people have already looked for. This automatic directory of links would keep on increasing as more and more people use Trexy. In order to blaze trials, all I need to do is to download and install the free Trexy trailbar. Before I start blazing trails, I need to add my favourite search engines with which I usually carry out my search, to Trexy. Once done, with the Trexy trailbar installed, I can carry out the search by using the trailbar."
Indrajit Ghatak, Web Tester.
That's pretty much it! :-)

As well as this description he also sent us another round of bugs. Speaking of which ...

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