Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Viele Gruesse aus Muenchen!

I am at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Munich at the moment. Yesterday, I gave a short presentation about our metasearch engine, Turbo10, in the session: 'Neue Entwicklungen im Deutschen Suchmarkt.'

The purpose of the session was to introduce new search engine technologies and the speakers included managers from: MSN, InfoSpace, Seekport (previously Infoseek) and a new engine Neomo.

We only had 10 minutes to speak about our respective technologies. I introduced the concept of the Invisible Web which in German is - Das unsichtbare Web. This refers to information on the web that is contained in dynamic webpages such as online databases, which traditionally search engines have not been able to index. I also took everyone through a whirlwind tour of how users can create their own collections of engines to search the web with. Everything you need to know can be found here:

Would have loved to have introduced our new product Trexy. We are aiming to have a beta version by the 1st of May. I have, however, mentioned to a few journalists that we have something exciting waiting in the wings!

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