Monday, April 18, 2005

This Saturday - ALPHA Release

Our ALPHA release date is looming: 23rd of April 2005.

This week Meg and I are going on a big bug run and doing last minute development in preparation for the ALPHA release this Saturday!

We've already selected a top team of alpha testers who will give Trexy its first public workout. Fortunately we have lots of interested friends and family we can call upon. The alpha testing group includes professional software testers, programmers, academics, non-programmers and search engine newbies. We rely on the alpha testing group to give us frank feedback. This feedback is crucial in planning the BETA release.

We keep getting asked by business partners, friends and family when is Trexy coming out? And it seems like we're forever saying "soon, soon ...".

But if the ALPHA release goes well the public BETA release will be soon!

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