Friday, April 22, 2005

Day 4 Bugathon - Brain Drain

Meg and I are really tired today ... that was one of the most intensive debugging/coding sessions I've ever done. The last bugs are amongst the nastiest to fix and they're often buried deep in the code.

Here is where we've got to:
  • the trail index has been completely rebuilt and is optimised
  • response time for an All Trails search is now less than 500 ms! :-)
  • the Firefox TrailBar is working well and is ready for release
  • the preferences subsystem is completed
  • the Web TrailBar has been refactored but needs more testing
  • the bucket clearance system needs further testing but will work very soon
  • the system successfully moved from development to staging
  • the IE TrailBar needs more development and testing
Next week we're planning another bugathon - stay tuned for more developments. Even though we're tired we're also really excited that an ALPHA version is really close.

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