Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bugathon 2

Usually London's weather is perfect for programming. But yesterday the sun came out and Meg and I decided to take the afternoon off!

Here is where we got to:
  • Tested the BETA version of the IE TrailBar - it's looking good!
  • The IE TrailBar and Firefox TrailBar are very close to completion
  • Designed the download and installation process
  • The distributed TrailBucket subsystem caused havoc with the WebTrailBar which now needs to be refactored
  • We discussed the brief for the graphic design of the backend pages. Meg's partner Marty, has helped us with the graphic design of all our products (e1mail, and Turbo10) and has offered to take a look at Trexy this weekend. We're excited about seeing what designs he comes up with!
So, here's what's left to do:
  • Final testing for IE and Firefox TrailBars
  • Implement and test the download process
  • Refactor and test the WebTrailBar
  • Create templates of Marty's design
  • Fix the look and feel of backend pages and forms
  • Alpha Testing phase for IE and Firefox
  • More Testing!!

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