Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alpha Feedback

We've got some great feedback already! As a result we will certainly be making changes.

We need to clearly communicate what the engine does. For first time users it's a bit of a downer to search on 'My Trails' and get no results, then to search on 'All Trails' and get not-so-good results, to arrive at 'Blaze a New Trail' and wonder what's the point? This was one of our alpha tester's experiences.

Trexy starts with a database of over 700,000 All Trails but nontheless some first time searchers will be disappointed by the All Trails results. A high proportion of first time searchers do a 'vanity search' on their own name or website. This is fine if your name is Britney Spears, or your website is Amazon.com, but a lot of first time searchers may be surprised to see there is no relevant trail for them.

The challenge is to quickly get across how Trexy works, its benefits, and how the system naturally fits with their current searching habits. Trexy encourages searchers to still use their favourite search engines (i.e., google, yahoo, msn etc) to answer their search questions - but our service helps answer a whole new set of questions:
  1. "Have I found that before?" - Search My Trails.
  2. "Has someone else found it before?" - Search All Trails.
  3. "Ok. I'll go find it once and for all." - Blaze a New Trail.

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