Friday, March 18, 2005

Turbo10? Trexy? Why have two engines?

Turbo10 is our sister search engine and the foundation of our business. We've been developing it for over four years now. The first question people ask is, "what makes Turbo10 different?" The short answer is, it helps you browse faster and search deeper. Here's how:
  1. Client-side result caching for faster browsing and fastest-first results display
  2. Client-side relevance ranking
  3. Client-side topic clustering and result filtering
  4. Metasearching the Deep Net - you can metasearch a large database of topic-specific search engines
  5. My Collections - tailor your own collections of engines to search on
  6. Manual Add Search Engine and Testing - the power is in your hands
Turbo10 is the best solution we can come up with for metasearching - universal metasearch in a consistent interface. Click here to find out more about the mechanics behind Turbo10.

The next question people ask is, "so why are you making a completely different engine?"

Trexy provides a new searching layer on top of all search engines. It's important that Trexy is completely search engine agnostic.

We want users to be free to choose whatever engine they want to blaze trails on! We think Turbo10 is the best tool for metasearching but we're not going to force you to use it. This means you can choose which engines you want to blaze your trails on: Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, MSN, AOL, Vivisimo ... you name it ... check out the long list of engines that work with Trexy. If your favourite engine isn't listed you can always add a new search engine.

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