Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Introducing Trexy

Trexy our mascot - a cheeky goat who loves making trails - was today positioned on the TrailBar!

Meg worked around some tricky bitmap problems and made some cosmetic changes to Trexy so he still looked good even in a 16px by 16px space. The look and feel for the IE TrailBar is now almost complete! :-)

We spent quite a while coming up with a name for our mascot. It needed to be distinctive and connote a spirit of adventure and discovery. While at the same time paying homage to the source of inspiration for the unique design of the search engine: the Memex and Vannevar Bush's concept of Trails and Trailblazing.

So we coined a distinctive portmanteau word: TRails + MemEX + Y = T R E X Y.

Plus it sounds like 'sexy'.

So there you have it TREXY the goat is our inquisitive, trailblazing mascot!

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