Monday, March 21, 2005

Adding new search engines - the power is in your hands!

A crucial subsystem of both Turbo10 and Trexy is the ability to add new search engines.

We previously used a fully automated process to connect to new search engines. A robot, 'Amy the Adapter Manager' worked with 'Penelope the Probe Manager' to automatically create adapters that connect to other search engines. The process is described in a WWW2003 conference paper: The Mechanics of a Deep Net Metasearch Engine [PDF]. We achieved a 65% connection success rate and learnt lots about connecting to the myriad of different search engines out there.

But when it comes to processes like this human's still do it better. The connection success rate is now above 80%! We incorporated much of the technology and lessons learnt from the automated process to create a simple three step, semi-automated process for connecting to new engines.

The good news is the power is now in your hands. You can quickly add your own search engines and get immediate confirmation that it works. Click here to add a search engine at Trexy or Turbo10. Once it's added you can metasearch it at Turbo10 and blaze trails through its content at Trexy!

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